The fake lubricants, although it may be cheaper, is dangerous, because it can damage your vehicle or your machine.

Take care your engine and make it become more durable by using only genuine good quality lubricants.

Pertamina's lubricants brands is a high quality lubricant that very concerned about how to prevent its customers from using fake lubricants

Please find below the tips about how to identify the fake lubricants (especially in Pertamina’s lubricants brands)



1. Check The Lid And The Neck of The Bottles

In the bottles that have been filled, there are batch numbers printed by the laser marker on the neck section and on the lid section.

Make sure the both numbers are exactly same and both position in line


2. Check The Sticker Label

  • Lets Illuminating the sticker label with UV light, you should find the Pertamina’s logo

  • In back section of the sticker label, there are Pertamina’s logo with blue colour, which will disappear when rubbed with oil.




1. Checks the drum Lid / Cap

    Make sure the drum in a closed condition and the condition of the lid is still good and not damaged.

2.  The drum is equipped with a “protecting ring” that will lock the "cap seal". If the “cap seal”  been opened, then “protecting ring” fused with drum will be damaged following the “cap seal


3.  Once the “cap seal” is open, there is a safety device called “incap”. If “incap” opened, “incap” will be directly damaged.


Lets be careful in choosing a lubricants, choose a high quality lubricant with Pertamina’s brand and make sure you buy the original one.